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Monday, June 13th, 2016

It's your move. 

Not everyone plays chess, but everyone knows what it's like during a boardgame and suddenly it's your turn. Sometimes there's a touch of excitement - you know exactly what to do! Other times there's a sense of dread. So you hesitate. 

Life is like that sometimes too. I think many people feel a sense of destiny but most never step into it. They're afraid. They know it's their turn and they even know exactly what to do. But for some reason they don't. Is that you? 

Have you been sensing that God's calling you to something bigger, but you've been waiting... waiting... waiting? 

It's time! Don't hesitate. Don't look back! God has put that sense of destiny and purpose in you for a reason! You're called to bigger things. Of course, here at World Revival School we want to help train you and empower you for that next step. There just aren't many ministry schools like it in Kansas City. We believe in you. 

But it's your move.