1 Yr Level One Certification

Students will complete a series of ten-week courses and fulfill all practicum requirements in a one-year concentrated program ending in May. The goal is an in-depth exposure to revival and basic biblical concepts combined with training on how to apply it to their lives.

First Year Courses:
Revival Fundamentals

  • Doctrines of the Bible
  • Who You Are In Christ
  • Lifestyle of Faith
  • Theology of Revival & Reformation
  • Church History
  • Life and People Skills
  • Holy Spirit Ministry
  • Theology of Luke
  • History of Revival
  • Intercession & Warfare
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Biblical Customs and Cultures
  • Effective Writing for Ministry
  • New Testament Survey
  • Inspired Speech
  • Kingdom of God

2 Yr Level Two Certification

Designed to complement the first year of study, these focused and insightful courses have a strong emphasis on scripture and theology. Students will complete another series of ten-week courses on their way to graduating at level two. 

Second Year Courses:
Practical Ministry

  • Children's Ministry
  • Genesis: Study Of Beginnings
  • Healing: Doctrine & History
  • Israel: Tabernacle & Feasts
  • How To Minister Healing
  • Practical Church Ministry
  • Book of Acts
  • Five-Fold Ministry
  • Hebrews & General Epistles
  • Major Prophets
  • Biblical Prophecy
  • Honor And Authority
  • Kingdom Economics
  • How To Preach
  • The Successful Teacher
  • Biblical Counseling

3 Yr Level Three Certification

In their third year of study, students will complete 12 classes totaling 36 classes in all. This concentrated program—focusing on practical ministry—develops ministry capacity, leadership abilities, and specialized training to prepare the student for everyday ministry.

Third Year Courses:
Biblical Studies

  • Romans And Galatians
  • Fasting & Spiritual Discipline
  • Gospel of Mark
  • Leadership Development
  • Apologetics: Defend Your Faith
  • Warfare And Deliverance 
  • Victorious Christian Living
  • 1&2 Corinthians And Ephesians
  • Wisdom Literature
  • Covenant
  • Personal Evangelism
  • Small Groups & Discipleship
  • Gospel & Epistles of John
  • Prayer: Adoration And Proclamation
  • Operating In The Supernatural
  • End Times Perspectives

1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Yr Additional Courses Offered

  • Chapel
  • Prayer
  • *possible ministry trips