Certification Options

Students enrolled in The Revival Training Center will have the option to take many different classes in pursuit of our Level One, Level Two and Level Three Certifications as well as opportunities for licensing and ordination. 

Each quarter, students will be presented with 6 classes to choose from. In order to meet the requirements for May graduation, a minimum of 4 classes must be taken each quarter. Certain classes will be designated as ‘required’ for any track of learning such as Theology of Revival or Lifestyle of Faith to maintain Full-time Student status. 

Students can choose to take extra coursework to attain their certification more quickly by taking up to 6 classes in a given quarter. 

Level One Certification 

Student must complete 12 classes and fulfill all practicum requirements in a one-year concentrated program with the purpose of giving the student their initial in-depth exposure to revival and basic Biblical concepts.

Level Two Certification 

Student must complete 24 classes and fulfill all practicum requirements for a program designed to complement the first year of study with focused and insightful courses that have a strong emphasis on scriptural study.

Level Three Certification 

Student must complete 36 classes and fulfill all practicum requirements. This concentrated program – focusing on practical ministry – develops ministry capacity, leadership abilities, and specialized training to prepare the student for everyday ministry.

Licensing And Ordination

Receiving a certification is the first step toward becoming recognized as a Christian Worker, Licensed Minister or Ordained Minister respectively. 

Summer Electives will provide an intensive environment for students to further develop their skills, go on possible ministry trips and obtain personalized training to be ordained. 

These intense 7-week courses will be required training in order to be ordained. Each summer quarter will include 4 courses that will compliment what has been learned throughout the year and provide greater opportunity for practice. 

Students will also complete and pass an exam prior to the ordination service to show they know and understand what they’ve been taught. 


Must complete Level Three Certification (36 classes), plus 12 summer courses, fulfill all student practicum requirements and receive a passing grade on an exam.