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On March 24, 1996, Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray, along with their congregation, were struck by the power of God in a way that shook the nations, grabbed worldwide media attention, and began what became known as “The Smithton Outpouring.” Over a three-year period, this powerful move of God brought more than 250,000 people from around the world to their church in Smithton, Missouri (population 532).

After outgrowing Smithton and their facilities there, the Grays moved the church to Kansas City in 2000, renaming it World Revival Church. They had also envisioned a training center to equip others as leaders, enabling them to take revival to their respective cities and around the world. In 2001, the envisioned Revival Training Center opened its doors to welcome like-minded people of all ages who are passionately pursuing God and His purposes for their generation.

The “Smithton Outpouring” exploded into “The Kansas City Revival” in May 2008. For three years, Daystar Television Network aired the Kansas City services to a global audience of over 190 nations.

We sense the rumblings of revival once again and believe we are living in a time of great change. God is opening the heavens to those who desire to advance His Kingdom, revive the Church, and awaken the nations. This is your season of opportunity. Don't miss it!



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Our Staff

  • Steve Gray

    Pastor Steve Gray


    Steve Gray is a leading voice in revival worldwide. As a pastor, author, and speaker, Steve's messages and ministry help people around the world encounter God in new and powerful ways.

    Pastor Steve Gray has a degree in biomedical engineering from Central Missouri State University, an Honorary Doctorate of Theology from Cornerstone of Faith Christian College and Theological Seminary, and over 40 years of full-time ministry experience. Pastor Steve, as he’s affectionately known by church members and Revival Training Center students, translates his years of ministry experience and life-changing messages into powerful lessons for the students of The Revival Network and The Revival Training Center. The results are fully equipped, anointed, fearless,  powerful ministers for God.

    His books When the Kingdom Comes (Chosen Books) and Follow the Fire (Charisma House) are used as textbooks and study guides in other Christian Bible colleges.

    My Absurd Religion (By Which I Make My Living) (World Revival Press) is a powerful and encouraging exposition on some of the theological weaknesses that beg to be reviewed in the light of the Bible by the Church worldwide. Steve Gray is also an accomplished screenwriter and television producer along with being a recording artist and songwriter. 
  • Kathy Gray

    Pastor Kathy Gray


    Pastor Kathy Gray, a major female voice of revival to this generation, is well known for her life of faith, fire, freedom, and her powerful Spirit-filled ministry. Students will be enriched by Kathy’s ability to teach practical ministry principles, which are essential foundations for every successful Christian. Plus, they will receive an impartation of faith and freedom that will equip them to become powerful believers. She has over 40 years of experience in the ministry and is an accomplished speaker and author. Pastor Kathy Gray has a B.S. degree in education from Central Missouri State University and theological training from AGTS seminary.

  • J. D. King

    Pastor JD King

    Academic Advisor

    You will enjoy listening to J.D. King, pastor, author, teacher, and speaker; he makes revival history come alive! He will challenge you to walk in the footsteps of the early pioneers of our faith. As you begin to form roots, he will also guide you in establishing doctrinal truth through the Word of God. It is in J.D.’s heart to usher you into effective 21st-century ministry. He has been active in the ministry since the age of 17 and is an accomplished Bible teacher as well as a recognized authority on American revival history.

    As an author, he released his three-volume series in 2017, Regeneration: A Complete History of Healing in the Christian Church. He has also developed a one-year certification course for The Revival Network, developed for lay leaders and under-resourced ministers. He has also been a frequent contributor to Charisma Media. Pastor J.D.’s weekly blog posts have had 1.5 million page views.

  • Aaron Lage

    Aaron Lage

    School Administrator

    Pastor Aaron Lage has been teaching at the Revival Training Center for several years and serves as the school administrator, as well as the young adult pastor at World Revival Church. A graduate of RTC himself, Aaron is well prepared to handle administration, recruitment and other student needs throughout the school year. With a vision for growth and a desire to see revival spread around the world, he brings a passion and enthusiasm that is contagious.
  • Pastor Mark

    Pastor Mark Pederson

  • Pastor Eric

    Pastor Eric Thomason

  • Pastor Jack

    Pastor Jack Walter

  • Heather Eschenbaum

    Heather Eschenbaum